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The Phoenix Darkness  by  Richard L. Sanders

The Phoenix Darkness by Richard L. Sanders
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The fight for Apollo was a bloodbath, the King is dead, and civil war grips the Empire, forcing humans everywhere to shed human blood or flee in terror. Planets fall, fleets are destroyed, and now the throne itself hangs in the balance. Caerwyn and Kalila wage open war to claim it, knowing its fate will determine the future of humanity—if any future can still be hoped for.Watching the chaos from a vigilant distance, the Rotham Republic looks upon the Empires territory with insatiable lust.

Renora is already theirs, aside from token resistance, but that planet was never the true prize—only a stepping stone. And now that humanitys defenses grow weaker by the day, the time to strike draws ever nearer.The seeds are sown for a conflict the size of The Great War, a repeat of the bloodiest fight in galactic history. Only this time one crucial detail is changed: From its origins in the unknown, forbidden, nether regions of Polarian space, the Dread Fleet moves. Silently. Swiftly. A spear born of the darkest darkness ready to scourge all in its path. Few know why the Dread Fleet has assembled after so many years.

But those who do, they hail it as the fulfillment of prophecy. One mighty and terrible final gift from the One True God. With the rest of the galaxy poised to rip itself to shreds, how could the Dread Fleets arrival mean anything but the ushering in of The Final Darkness?As for Calvin and his team, they’ve been betrayed by Alex.

A betrayal that will lead them to uncover one of the galaxy’s greatest secrets—and possible send them each to an early grave. Meanwhile Raidan prepares to execute the final stage of his own plan, vowing to save the Empire. Summers, Tristan, and Blackmoth each race toward Zander and his isotome weapon. And the Rahajiim and other dark forces have plans of their own, plans that threaten to reshape the galaxy to their design—or leave it in dust and ashes.

Enter the sum

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