Rubber Submission Alison Whitney


Published: April 10th 2013

Kindle Edition

41 pages


Rubber Submission  by  Alison Whitney

Rubber Submission by Alison Whitney
April 10th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 41 pages | ISBN: | 6.48 Mb

While visiting the Fetish Shop, Alex receives a very erotic video on his smartphone from his favorite pair of rubber vixens: the sensible, dominant Rachel and her mischievous friend, Lila.He is so intrigued by the rubber adventure that is revealed that he quickly looks for a place to view it again in private. He steps into a dressing room, the very same room where he had a very sensual latex encounter just a few weeks earlier with the ever luscious Lila and her friend Julie, another rubber enthusiast. In Rubber Surrender, Alex had ultimately joined in a sensual threesome in latex that left him drained but contented.While furtively viewing the video in the dressing room and beginning to enjoy himself, he is surprised by Julie.

After Alex assists her in judging the suitability of a stunning latex minidress, Julie leaves and Alex resumes watching the video, only to find himself busted when Julie returns to retrieve her cell phone. She catches him enjoying the video in his own unique way, and she volunteers to lend a hand to Alex with his needs.After his encounter with Julie, Alex goes to the home of his two latex friends, and the excitement begins in earnest.

From the moment Rachel and Lila greet Alex at their front door, he realizes that this will be a rubber encounter to remember. Over the next few hours, he will join them in sensual concert with the main interest being their common lust for latex and all it can provide in erotic enjoyment.By the end of the evening, the threesome has experimented, experienced and enjoyed a roomful of rubber stimulation.This is a continuation of the adventures in rubber of Alex, Rachel, and Lila, who first got together in Rubber Rendezvous, and continued their steamy, sensual behavior in Rubber Surrender.

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