The Sun Dreamer (The Dreamers Book 1) Anelise Newman


Published: July 11th 2012

Kindle Edition

376 pages


The Sun Dreamer (The Dreamers Book 1)  by  Anelise Newman

The Sun Dreamer (The Dreamers Book 1) by Anelise Newman
July 11th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 376 pages | ISBN: | 5.70 Mb

All humans need magic to survive. In the land of Dargonell, built on magic instead of matter, the inhabitants are sustained by the power in the air. But on Earth, the citizens must rely upon the service of the Dreamers - Dargonian superhumans who mentally balance the Earthlings in their sleep, preserving them from madness and death.They have been keeping Thea of Riverdream alive for fourteen years, and she had no idea.Until one night, Thea falls asleep in her bed on Earth and wakes up in Dargonell, with the Dreamers as the only clue to her arrival.

As she and her new allies, a naive Elfin Dreamer and a Light wizard with an aura of darkness, decide to seek the sorcery that can send Thea home, they discover a link between her and Dargonell that could explain her mystifying arrival - and the influential enemies that seem unaccountably intent upon capturing her.But when a powerful, anonymous Master does the impossible - cuts off the supply of magic to both Earth and Dargonell - the Dreamers lose their ability to balance the Earthlings, and Thea is faced with a choice: to flee to the place that was once her home just to helplessly watch it die, or to confront this new, mysterious mercenary and almost certain death.

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