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Aqualene  by  Paul Brown

Aqualene by Paul Brown
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World oil supplies are in a free-fall, with gasoline rationing at $17 a gallon. Aqualene will cost less than a dollar … if Adam Harlow can get his formula to NASA before Big Oil gets to him.Besieged by runaway inflation and horrific unemployment, the White House quietly forms a pact with Beijing to produce a viable alternative to gasoline- a last-ditch scheme to avoid total economic collapse.Hidden from a scandalous energy sector, Aqualene, a remarkable water-based fuel is born deep inside a NASA laboratory.

Only sabotage can explain its mysterious destruction, calling for hundreds of top minds to resurrect the complex formula. Wary of threats by vested oil interests, a Seattle mineralogist reluctantly joins the search.A murder inside his makeshift lab amongst the ruins of Old Seattle suggests Adam Harlow is on to something big and dangerous!Can one man with a secret so vital to global stability stand up to the most powerful oil mogul, and avert a U.S. nuclear confrontation with China?From the bowels of Underground Seattle and the dizzy orbits of the International Space Station to the deadly labyrinths of a covert California refinery, Aqualene ignites adventure and intrigue.

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