Microbial Molecular Biology: From Macromolecules to Microorganisms Yaroslava Polosina

ISBN: 9780124158856

Published: July 1st 2013


450 pages


Microbial Molecular Biology: From Macromolecules to Microorganisms  by  Yaroslava Polosina

Microbial Molecular Biology: From Macromolecules to Microorganisms by Yaroslava Polosina
July 1st 2013 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 450 pages | ISBN: 9780124158856 | 3.26 Mb

This book presents molecular biology underpinning bacterial structure and function, and forms a bridge between large, expensive generalist textbooks and highly technical original literature. Although bacteria have been the subject of extensive scientific research for many decades, it is only in recent years that we have begun to recognize their complexity.Recent technical advances that have made it possible to study the distribution of macromolecules in individual bacteria have shown that bacterial cells are in fact highly complex, and that bacteria derived from cell division from the same parent cell are often physiologically very different.Bacteria also have the ability to communicate with members of their own species and with cells of other species, helping them to collaborate and compete.

These characteristics are made possible by the ability of bacteria to exert exquisite control over gene expression and protein localization. The relative simplicity of bacterial cells, combined with the ease with which they can be cultivated and genetically manipulated, makes them ideal model systems for understanding the fundamental principles of gene expression, cell differentiation and inter-cellular communication.

The study of microbial systems also provides data for numerical modeling of how single celled and multicellular systems work. A better understanding of bacterial physiology is also essential for combating bacterial disease as well as for using bacteria in industrial processes.Presents bacterial physiology and development and the importance of gene expression using a variety of common model organismsOffers content that has been developed by authors during five years of teaching microbiology at the undergraduate and graduate level- material bridges the gap between large survey texts and narrowly-focused articlesUseful for any life science researcher interested in using microbes to explore fundamental biological questions, or using bacteria as a model for cellular behavior

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